Plan A Family Movie Night With FIRE-FX Media Systems

We woke up this morning to another cold and dreary rainy day this morning in Texas. Around most of the country, the weather was even worse than it was here. What to do with the family when it’s so cold and icy outside? How about planning a movie night? I don’t mean just sitting together on the couch and watching a movie, our family does that pretty regularly. But occasionally we like to do a true movie night.

To prepare for a family movie night, you will need a few things.

  1. Pick a great movie: If you are like us and have kids, just about anything from Disney will do. Heck, even if you don’t have kids, you really can’t go wrong with a Disney movie on a dreary rainy day!
  2. Print movie tickets. Go to Sweet Daisy Designs and print your custom movie and snack tickets.
  3. Prepare some special movie snacks… not your run of the mill popcorn; remember this is a special movie night. In our house, we like to eat homemade Maple Bacon Popcorn (Popping popcorn in bacon grease is the bomb!). Not a fan of bacon? You may like one of the popcorn mixes from The Food Network.  Another popcorn alternative is to set up a gourmet popcorn bar.DIY-Movie-Night-Popcorn-Bar-FamilyFreshMeals.com_Or if you have a sweet tooth, try this M&M’s® Movie Night Snack Mix.M&Ms Snack Mix #HeroesEatMMs #shop #cbias
  4. Put the popcorn in custom snack bags. We prefer to make our own personalized movie snack bags like these.
  5. If you are going for the ultimate movie house experience at home, watch your movie with the Cinema-FX feature from FIRE-FX Media Systems.Cinema-FXCinema-FX plays theater style intro and outro videos and uses cloud technology to stream random trailers of soon to be released movies before launching your movie providing a unique “Movie House” experience in your home each and every time it is used.

Ultimately, family movie night is more about how you spend time with your family than the actual movie you watch. Enjoy each other’s company and prepare for this activity together and you are sure to create a special night to remember.