FIRE-FX Media Systems Re-brands With A New Logo… But What Does It All Mean?

FIRE-FX Media Systems recently re-branded it’s website,, with a new theme and logo. Consisting of an orange block with a double-helix flame floating over the bold capitalized FIREFX moniker. It’s bright, clean, looks really cool, but what does it all mean… if anything?

New FIRE-FX Logo

The New and Improved FIRE-FX Logo

Rest assured, there is meaning behind every aspect of the new logo. While FIRE-FX has only been in business for four years now, we have built on a deep tradition that precedes our existence by over a century and this is also reflected in our logo design.

The orange color hails back to the founder’s and co-founder’s technology roots in the U.S. Army Signal Corps. Both Larry and Dave are active Signal Corps Chief Warrant Officers in the Texas Army National Guard. Orange was selected in 1872 as the Signal Corps branch color, so the orange pay homage to their military technology roots.

Soldier BFT test

Soldier tests Blue Force tracker in tactical vehicle.

With a combined 37 years military experience, we felt that our time in the Army had a great influence on how we started and continue to operate our business. In the Army, we work as a team and get the mission done at all costs. We don’t sleep until a problem is solved. This is the work ethic we bring to our product line and customer service. The Army core values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage help guide our decision making and operational tempo.

From the signal orange background we move to the name itself. The FIRE-FX name was derived from the military term “Fire For Effect”.Mortar 12 Marchj 2013“The term ‘Fire For Effect’ is a military term used by spotters for indirect fire weapons such as mortars or artillery. ‘Fire For Effect’ is the command the observer gives the firing battery after the shells from one ‘ranging’ gun hit the target successfully. The firing battery then lets loose with all guns firing at the same range and azimuth. That is to say the ‘Fire For Effect’ order switches the fire from one gun for ranging to six or more guns to deliver maximum impact on the target.”

The meaning of FIRE-FX is two fold. First, we have carefully gauged the market and developed revolutionary technology platforms allowing us to provide the maximum impact by focusing our resources on the ease of use of our product line by our partners, the system integrators. Second, our systems challenge the status quo by delight the customers with power and flexibility not seen elsewhere in the industry, allowing  to show off their system with robust, feature-full system effects, performance and features found only in the FIRE-FX product line.

And finally on to the helix flame. The Double Helix represents that which is embedded in our company’s DNA; A commitment to changing the AV industry by challenging current paradigms with revolutionary technology and product offerings that enable system integrators and their customers to use their media systems the way they want to, without traditional restrictions or limitations. Logo Helix OrginsCombining the FX from FIREFX with the double helix we get the helix flame. If you look carefully at the helix flame, you will see the letter “F”  with the letter “X” in an overlay at a 45 degree angle.

Now that you know the back story of the FIRE-FX logo. Stop by our new website and see for yourself!

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