Tips To Survive The “Media” Zombie Apocalypse

Use your brains, don't eat them!

Use your brains, don’t eat them!

Survive The ‘Media’ Zombie Apocalypse. Fire For Effect!

We’re not talking about necrotic flesh eaters. We mean the daily-drone, morning-commute, stand-in-line, take what they’re given type zombies.

These zombies happily commit to companies limiting their content, hardware, access, and interface options. They never really own what they buy and can’t control media availability or even quality. They have no control or freedom with their media.

FIRE-FX believes in providing people the best, fastest, most intuitive way to store, control and experience their media content. We don’t control the source. We don’t limit users to streaming media over the Internet. We don’t compromise the quality of a user’s collection. We don’t restrict a user’s options in an attempt to corner the media market.

FIRE-FX gives you the tools to rise above the compromises that the zombies accept without a second thought.

Break free from the zombies. Refuse to stand in line. Allow your users to control what they own and own what they control. Let your users accept the best on their terms.

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